Establised - 1988

Work guaranteed for 25 years

Renovate your old pool for a fraction of the cost of a new one!

A pool renovation is sometimes done as a stand-alone project, but may also be part of an overall yard renovation.

We strive to mesh with landscapers and other contractors in such a way as to provide seamless integration of our services, while at the same time keep you informed as to scheduling.

We recognize that we are a guest while performing our work on your property and do our best to minimize disruption to your family routine during construction. Prior to preparing a written detailed proposal, we will meet with you so as to determine your vision and goals with your contemplated renovation.

We specialise in the restoration of residential and commercial swimming pools.

  • Pool interior refinishing options, including plaster, premium plaster, exposed pebble, and new polished aggregate.
  • Tile installations both for pool/spa waterline and peripheral applications.
  • Extensive masonry options utilizing brick, rock, and our own precast coping customized to your pool environment.
  • Energy efficient pool equipment and salt chlorination systems.
  • Renovation of plumbing and electrical systems for improved water flow and pool control.
  • Structural modifications, including spa addition or elimination, benches, and other pool interior changes.
  • Waterfalls and water features.